Hidden Valley simulations

Slices through one of the Hidden Valley simulations, showing the projected dark matter (top) and HI (bottom) densities at z=4. The left panels show a 100Mpc/h thick slice through the full simulation box, while the middle and right panels show successive zooms by a factor of 10, centered around the 5th most massive halo.
(From Modi et al. 2019).

A set of trillion particle simulations in Gpc volumes aimed at intensity mapping science, described in more detail in Modi et al. (2019). In brief, we make available halo catalogs and dark matter meshes for 4 different simulation configurations for 9 snapshots between z=2 and 6, with some configurations also providing additional snapshots upto z=0.5. We also make available HI mesh in real and redshift space for the Gaussian simulation upto z=2. The table outlining all the products is provided below.

Code to read and process these data are available in this GitHub repository.

Please cite Modi, Castorina, Feng and White (2019) if you make use of these data.


Simulation Data Type z=0.5 z=1 z=1.5 z=2 z=2.5 z=3 z=3.5 z=4 z=4.5 z=5 z=5.5 z=6
HV10240-R Halos
HV10240-R Matter
HV10240-R HI Grid
HV10240-F Halos
HV10240-F Matter
HV10240-F HI Grid
HV10240-Fup Halos
HV10240-Fup Matter
HV10240-Fup HI Grid
HV10240-Fdn Halos
HV10240-Fdn Matter
HV10240-Fdn HI Grid